Friday, July 14, 2006

Apply Tower

Apply Tower is a bit of a mystery. Located on the East beach of Ryde, far away from the crowded shopping streets this tower can be found on the way to Puckpool Park (a former fortification used during various wars). The details about the tower are sketchy at best, with rumours persisting that there is a network of old tunnels running from under it to the forts out in the Solent (you can see one of them just the right of the tower).

Currently its a seasonal shop of some kind, after being restored, and I think you can walk to the top of the tower when its open. Personally I`ve known about the tower for years, its been a constant fixture on the sea front and everybody uses it as a meeting point/focal point for events.

I managed to catch two jugglers in the picture in mid juggle - a bit of lucky timing!

View Satellite image of Apply Tower @ Google Maps.


Blogger Neorelix said...

This is great! The depth of colour and tone combine with the life of the jugglers to give an almsot mystical quality. Lvoe it.

11:30 AM  

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