Saturday, July 08, 2006

Down at Joe's

This is Joe's, previously known as Joe Daflo's. Its down the main shopping street in Ryde, amongst the pubs and souvenir shops. Originally Joe Daflo's was started by Mark King of Level 42, but I heard he sold it on some time ago. Its created in the style of the US deep south - a jazz cafe kind of thing. There used to be live bands playing there, not sure if they do anymore.

Ryde is a funny place - the only major 'shops' in the town are estate agents, charity shops and souvenirs. They did say that Ryde was a dying town, losing many of its small family run stores after Somerfield (a large supermarket) was built there. I remember some time ago a decorating store closed and a sign was left in the window saying `we're leaving after 35 years in the same shop`.

You may have previously heard of Ryde in one of The Beatles most famous songs - 'Ticket to Ride (or Ryde)'. They're actually trying to get Paul to visit the Island as a tribute to the song :D

View Satellite image of Joe's and Union Street in Ryde @ Google Maps.


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